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Question: How do I get a price?
Our "Instant Quote" feature on the Home page gives you a simple way to find out the cost and time scale of your project. Just enter the number of words into the form, or just paste the text, choose the languages, provide your contact details and then the site will calculate the price for you automatically and will include all volume discounts available.
For more complex projects (those with hundreds or thousands of pages of text), or if you cannot see the languages you require, or would like to discuss your project in detail, please contact us.
Question: How can I retrieve my translated documents?
Answer: When your translation is ready we will return it to you by email.
Question: Which difficulty level should I choose?
Answer: offer three levels of difficulty you can choose from:
  • Standard Translation: your document will be translated by a specialised experienced translator. The translation will be accurate, complete and without errors.
  • Intermediate Translation:  the document, translated by a specialised and experienced translator. This text for translation may consist of reports, articles, presentations, translation of web pages, manuals, instructions, etc.
  • Specialist Translation: the document, translated by a specialised and experienced translator. Expert translation of literary material, science, medical and legal material
Question: How do you charge and what are the rates?
Answer: charge on a per word basis for every language. Rates vary depending on the level of service required, the language type and the number of words in your document. Use our "Instant Price Quote" feature on the Home page to get an instant quotation for your project.
Question: Which document types can you translate?
Please ensure that all documents you submit to are in some of the following formats:
.doc (Microsoft Word)
.docx (Microsoft Word 2007)
.xls (Microsoft Excel)
.xlsx (Microsoft Excel 2007)
.ppt all OpenOffice document types

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