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Thank you for your prompt service as usual
07 March 2012

Russian Interpreter Services

We offer professional Russian - English, English - Russian Interpreter Services in and around London, UK. We have experience interpreting in courts, in Job Centre interviews, business meetings, buying and negotiation appointments, shopping days, etc.

All our interpreters are punctual, presentable and friendly. Urgent services are usually not a problem, do let us know if you need an interpreter on the same or next day and in most cases we'll have one available. 

Central London appointments are not a problem, our interpreter will be waiting for you at the specified location and at a specified time.

Our interpreters are both proficient in Russian and English and can translate and interpret fluently.
We also offer Ukrainian - English - Ukrainian Interpreter services. 

Give us a call today on 07976893627 or drop us a line on info@translate-this.co.uk to discuss your requirements.

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